Identity Theft & What to do for Future Tax Returns

1) Before you call the IRS call your bank or credit union to obtain new debit and credit cards if they used either one of them.  Also you may need to get a new account number. And if you have automatic bill pay you need to let each creditor know your new card number(s) and/or bank account number.

2) After that call Social Security and make them aware of the Identity Theft. The individual(s) who have your information may redirect your check to them. They may have changed your address online as this has happened to a few of my clients.

3) Where ever you live you must contact your Inspector General and report the Identity Theft. They will do an investigation into who it may have been.  They will ask you about any information associated with the fraud, such as is the person someone you may know? Where have you been different lately, i.e. out of town, new online shopping site, etc.

4) After this if you have any investments let the Investment Company know of the Fraud committed on your Identity.  Make sure that there aren’t any withdrawals you did not request. Make sure that they didn’t receive a change of address, phone number, or email.  Or any new information that you did not provide. Also make sure that there wasn’t a change in your investment choices.

5) Last but truly not least you should call the IRS personally and set up an appointment.  You need to let them know that your Identity has been stolen. You will then request a one on one meeting with an agent so you can prove that you are you.  Bring a valid Driver License or Identification Card. Also bring your social security card. And if you have a copy of your most recent tax return this will help out.  And any other form of ID, Debit Card/Credit Card. They normally only ask for License/ID, Social Security Card and maybe a copy of most recent tax return. The IRS phone number to call and connect to your local office anywhere in the country is 844-545-5640.